About wood fencing

Wood fencing provides an affordable option for those who want a good looking fence and a lower rate than vinyl or aluminum. We currently offer a pressure treated pine and a western red cedar.

Pressure treated Pine

Pressure treated pine is your most cost effective option. It is treated to help prevent rot, termites, and molding. If maintained correctly, it may last upwards of 12 years. The downside of pressure treated pine is that it is more prone to warping and will not be covered in our warranty.

Our wood fences at ACE and Sons Fence Company are made crafted with care by our best carpenters. Our wood fences are held build by carpenters because we believe a custom built wooden fences needs to be handled by professionals. We set our 4" x 4" posts 24" into the ground and cover the hole with 60 pounds of concrete to assure a strong hold. We then use TRUE 2" x 4" posts across the top, middle, and bottom sections of the 4" x 4". We use the best quality pine and cedar on the market and still keep our prices affordable. Click the link below for a free quote. 


Our cedar fences are made from a western red cedar. This is one of the most beautiful woods on the market. Picture yourself walking into a beautiful cabin and taking in the great wood smell of the cabin. That cabin was made out of the same material we use to build our fences. Cedar offers a stronger fence than pressure treated fences do. It is less likely to warp and will last 5 years longer on average. If you are looking for a unique look than cedar is the option for you.


Our styles include privacy, shadowbox, picket, and almost any custom project you bring our way. Our master carpenters can handle almost any and every custom fence job.

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